Welcome to my website, tireorb.com. I’m the founder of Tireorb.com and an automobile engineer from The University of Aucklandand, New Zealand, a specialist in vehicle tire research, and an expert in the field of automotive technology and the science of tire design and development. Possess a deep understanding of the complex engineering principles that go into the creation of safe, reliable, and efficient tires that meet the diverse needs of drivers around the world.


Expertise in this field extends beyond just the technical aspects of tire design and engineering. Also well-versed in the broader automotive industry, including trends, market demands, and regulations that impact the design and manufacturing of tires. With in-depth knowledge and practical experience, play a vital role in helping automakers and tire manufacturers develop and produce innovative, high-performance tires that are both safe and sustainable.


As a tire research specialist, constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in tire design and engineering, using cutting-edge technology and advanced materials to create tires that deliver optimal performance in a wide range of conditions. Work is crucial to ensuring that vehicles are safe and reliable on the road and that drivers have the confidence to travel to their destinations without worrying about tire-related issues.

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